Tuesday of the Sixth Week of Easter

In today’s Gospel from John, Jesus tells those gathered for the Last Supper that he is going to the one who sent him.

Jesus’ departure is essential so that he can send the Holy Spirit.  But he is not leaving them completely.  He will still be present to them.  But he will be present in a different way. 

In his earthly ministry, Jesus is present to a particular group of people in a particular time and in a particular place.  In his humanity, he is subject to the same constraints of time and space that we are. 

But, in returning to the Father, he can be present at all times and in all places to all people.  Once his finally glorified with the Father, he can in turn send the Spirit from his place with the Father to those who believe in him.

This was a great change for those who followed Jesus.  But, in making this change, his followers are invited into an even deeper relationship with him through the Spirit.

Are we open to how major changes can be invitations to a deeper relationship with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit?  With all that has gone on over these last couple of months, with all that the parish has tried to do to remain connected with you, with how your schedules and routines have changed, and with how your whole lives have changed, have you seen an invitation to a deeper relationship with God?   

Perhaps schedules have eased from their normally overwhelming volume of activities.  Perhaps there are more family meals because of our inability to dine out at restaurants.  There have certainly been difficulties, even great ones, but have there also been opportunities?  Opportunities to connect with family.  Opportunities to pray more regularly and more deeply.

What changes have we experienced over these last two months that we want to retain? 

Things are slowly starting back to normal.  Perhaps not the old normal…at least for some time.  Perhaps to a new normal for now.  And perhaps, over these last two months, we have experienced that deeper relationship with God.  That is certainly a change worth holding on to.