One of the blessings of this time of isolation from one another has been the opportunity to provide daily reflections online. While they have taken some time to put together (and to do all of the research to find sources and to ensure the right theological language), they have been an opportunity to reach you during this time. Given that a lot of what I did before has not been possible during this shutdown, I have had time to do these.

As we end our time of total isolation and move toward a new normal, I must decide how to best spend my time to best serve the most people that I can. Always, my goal is about helping you to realize your call to become saints.

Given that nearly every moment of every day of my life as a priest is about serving the people of God, it is not about finding extra time. It is about the opportunity cost of making choices. Choosing one thing means necessarily not being able to do others.

So, I need to understand whether these daily online reflections are the best use of my time in serving you. The time spent putting these reflections together means less time begin available to you in other ways. But, if it is the best way that I can help the most people become saints, I am happy to continue doing so.

So, it all boils down to one question:

May God bless you!

Fr. Bob