For more information about the Parish Neighborhood Communities that will be developing into Small Christian Communities, please click here.  Below is information about the Small Christian Communities that currently meet to study Scripture on the parish grounds.

What are Small Christian Communities?

A small Christian community (SCC) is a small group of individuals who gather to share their faith and life in order to grow in their life commitment to work for the reign of God. They strive to incorporate prayer and ritual, scripture reflection, on-going learning and action to eradicate injustice in our church and society.

We read in scripture about the small communities of Christians who gathered in their homes to follow the teachings of Jesus.

“They devoted themselves to the apostles’ instruction and the communal life, to the breaking of bread and the prayers. Those who believed shared all things in common. They went to the temple area together every day, while in their homes they broke bread. With exultant and sincere hearts they took their meals in common. The community of believers was of one heart and one mind” (Acts 2:42,44, 46; 4:32).

Since the early 20th century, contemporary small Christian communities have evolved in all parts of the globe quite spontaneously. In Ecclesia in America, Pope John Paul II recommends small Christian communities as a way to reestablish human relationships in church communities:

“It seems timely to form Church communities and groups of a size that allow for true human relationships in the parish. In such a human context, it will be easier to gather to hear the Word of God, to reflect on the range of human problems in the light of this Word, and gradually to make responsible decisions inspired by the all-embracing love of Christ (141).

Why Small Christian Communities?

“Our parishes have become so large and so anonymous, and we’ve been allowed to attend them instead of participating in them. Today people don’t drop out of Church as much as drop-in – occasionally! My hope is that little faith-sharing groups will continue to emerge, connected to parishes. The base community and the institutional parish need one another. The parish needs the small fervent group to keep it honest, to allow and encourage those who want to ask the deeper questions, those who want to go further, those who want to learn to pray, to minister, to study, advocate and lay down their lives for the poor. And the small group needs the parish to avoid becoming sectarian, narrow or lost in personality and trendiness. They must regulate, balance and challenge one another.”
Richard Rohr, O.F.M., Why Be Catholic?

What do we do at St. Catherine’s?

There are many options for a Small Christian Community at St. Catherine’s. We have groups that meet for 6 weeks during Advent and Lent to focus on the upcoming Sunday readings. We have groups that meet year-round for meditation and bible study. We have groups that meet socially for dinner, trips to the theatre, and other outings as a group. Small group members become extended family and rely on each other for help. Whoever you are, whatever your needs or situation, we have a Small Christian Community for you!

Current Small Christian Communities

Christian MeditationMondays at 7:30 pmSiena Room12 months
Church in ChroniclesTuesdays at 10:00 amSiena Room12 months
Sunday Scripture ReadingsWednesdays at 7:30 pmFleming Island12 months
Sunday Scripture ReadingsThursdays at 10:00 amChurch Conference Room12 months
Sunday Scripture ReadingsThursdays at 7:30 pmRoom M12 months
Sunday Scripture ReadingsThursdays at 7:30 pmSiena Room12 months
Sunday Scripture ReadingsFridays at 10:00 amChurch Conference Room12 months
Sunday Scripture ReadingsSaturdays at 7:00 pmOrange Park12 months

For more information about Small Groups that meet at the Parish, please contact Vincent Reilly by email here.